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Here's what my clients had to say.

Having had a very unpleasant experience with a previous counsellor I was very disillusioned at the prospect of reattempting counselling. When I first met Kate I was feeling extremely low and had a very negative view on the future. I found Kate to be very easy to talk to and I was able to open up to her and discuss a number of issues.

Over the course of the sessions, Kate helped me to realise that there were lots of positive opportunities out there for me. I made the decision to resign from my job and in just over a week will embark on a very exciting adventure travelling to Thailand to teach English and then onwards to other parts of Asia. I can't recommend Kate highly enough. She has restored my faith that counselling can be a very positive experience. Thank you Kate!

Karen M
I was referred to Kate by my Doctor as I was off work due to stress and anxiety. I found the sessions really beneficial and have been able to return to work feeling much more in control of my situation.

Dave Smith
I knew I needed help for my depression, but I kept putting it off, thinking I could cope. Eventually it got so bad I phoned Kate and now wish I had done it years ago. I feel so much better and would definitely recommend her.