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Frequently Asked Questions (or Frequently Expressed Doubts)
For some people the idea of sitting in a room with a stranger for the first time and interacting with them is uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling may be about a number of things including, possibly, some of the following:

"I don't know what's going to happen and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do"
If you have never been in therapy before, then it is normal for you to feel unsure about what will happen and to be uncomfortable. Remember that you can take some time with me to focus on the reasons that you are uneasy before getting into the reason you came for therapy. This will help you feel more comfortable. Another way to help this situation is to tell me what you expect will happen in therapy. We can discuss how my way of working differs from your ideas. If you feel as though you are being heard, you may start to feel more comfortable. The more open and honest you are the more you will gain from being in therapy. Feel free to ask questions and to make suggestions that might make you feel more comfortable.

"I'm worried that I will have to tell the therapist things about myself that I am uncomfortable feeling or admitting to a stranger"
Your discomfort is very understandable. Therapy is a place where embarrassing and painful emotions can be worked through. One of the goals of therapy is to help you to understand how difficult emotions may be adversely affecting you and as a result experience less conflict and pain in your life. I will always work at your pace and never force you to talk about something you are not ready to address.

"I might feel foolish"
The chances are that you may feel foolish, awkward, and even scared when you begin therapy. You probably have never opened up to a stranger and expressed your deepest feelings, desires, and fears. It is a unique experience to have someone listen to you attentively for an extended period. At the same time, as a result of taking that risk you will learn more about yourself and will eventually become more comfortable with revealing your feelings. When you have achieved that degree of trust, you will have unlocked your potential for growth and self-discovery.